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Vedic Energy Healing

  • 45 minutes
  • 85 US dollars

Service Description

This extremely powerful Vedic Healing works on financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. eradicating blockages and giving strength to move forward towards your goals. It helps with depression and psychic attacks and protects you from all kinds of negativity. Below are the benefits: Activation of BRAHMA NAADI that opens the higher channel of the subtle body. Releasing blockages from Vishudhi chakra that gives wisdom to access different dimensions and gives power of intuition. Enhances brain capacity, Focus and Concentration. Provides Protection against diseases caused due to mental stress. Helps remove addictions. Eliminates stress, anxiety, depression. Helps clear auras and to create magnetism in your auric field. Resolving business issues. Helps Students in their studies. Works on intense cord cutting and removes deep rooted blockages.

Contact Details

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