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Akashic Clearing

  • 1 hour
  • 225 US dollars

Service Description

Comprehensive Clearing - a complete clean sweep of all past life soul contracts/ vows/ cellular release/ karmic release/ soul realignment/clearing and aligning you with your property. Also includes clearing of specific issues that showed up in the Akashic records reading (recommended before the clearing session). This clearing brings giant shifts in your life and propels you to your highest current timeline. Every soul that has done their inner work and is ready to move forward in future and leave their past wounding behind would benefit from doing this single clearing once in their lives. Things start shifting and moving very quickly after this clearing. All of our soul experiences, from every lifetime and in every dimension, reside in the Akashic records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means “essence”, and the Akashic records hold the essence of our souls because the records contain every experience we have ever had. We are the cumulative expression of the contents of these records. Sometimes, the Akashic records contain information in the form of vows that were initially useful to our soul growth but are no longer pertinent. We have gotten the gist of the lesson, and we do not need to continue to live with the vows in place. I call this a regurgitation of soul experiences because the agreement is more detrimental than helpful, yet we continue to create the same occurrences over and over again as we subconsciously tap the Akashic records for information on our commitments. The Akashic records also contain vows we have made to collectives or cults. We live on a planet of polarity so it is part of our soul growth to experience duality. It is very important to clear past vows in the Akashic records.

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